Halloween Special – The Scary Chairs and the Scary Couches and the Scary Vampires – As told by 3 Year Old

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October 30, 2012 by Katia

** None of the above actually participate as characters in the story except for the chair in a short cameo appearance.

There once was a scary chair, but then a dragon came to eat the castle and then it getted away to Acree Acree * and then it went for a paray (parade) , mama, and even it went for a walk to the park and it sat down and then it went away to the monster cave and it breaked (the cave,you guys, don’t worry. I got your back) because the monster came and the monster waked upped and all the monsters runned, but then the creepy cowboys *  went on their horses and galloped and saved!! (the dragon, still committed, you guys), but then the monster catched but then the creepy cowboys fighted (ok, you’re on your own). And it was saaaaad and it said ‘sorry’ (the monster – I’m back), but the monster went away (huh?) but then the creepy cowboy said ’ Don’t go! We have a surprise. It’s surpriiiiiise!’ And they said ‘What is the surprise’? And they said ’It’s a toy!’ And scary dragon (oh, scary dragon’s still here) went to the forest and catched everyone! But then they were sad and fall to sleep. A big hungry dragon eated them (me: is this the end of the story? 3 year old: no) and scratched them with sharp toes that scratch and then it went away and fell down with a קוץ (Hebrew word for thorn.  Me: is this the end? 3 year old: no!!) but then it had bad something. A balloon like this flied over on them and said ‘what did the dragon catch?’

‘it catched us but it went away’.

‘Then I’m gonna give you a great hug’.

‘ Yay!’ (me: yay! Is this the end of the story?)

3 year old: But there was a קוץ and (can’t read my handwriting but it looks like) and the germs locked me.

This is where I decide to stop.


And here’s a an amusing Halloween anecdote before you leave:

3 year old meets 10 year old neighbour and his father. 10 year old tells him he is dressing up as a ninja. 3 year old asks 10 year old’s father what is he dressing up as. 10 year old’s father says he hasn’t decided yet. Maybe you should dress up as a boar 3 year old suggests.  Ok this is awkward.

And here’s a photo of 3 year old before his nursery school Halloween celebration. When I asked whether he would tell me about it later he said no.

Sure I’ll pose for you, but don’t expect me to tell you anything.

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