Post Halloween Halloween Post


November 1, 2012 by Katia

For starters, please check out 11 week old’s costume endorsed by 3 year old. He’s Superman.

Yes. There are no cushions on this sofa. Don’t judge. I’m busy.

Please admire it because you’re the only ones to do so, since he had spent the rest of the day looking like this:

Now here are a few tidbits and observations from last night.

  • 3 year old’s sugar high started at home before he went trick or treating which was weird.
  • 3 year old was done trick or treating fairly quickly and decided to become the designated household candy giver. His perception of the role involved yelling: We got candy everyone! And chasing someone down the street that didn’t take a candy to hand them candy.
  • At one point when things got slow, 3 year old went back to being a normal 3 year old and reached into the candy bowl. He smoothly pulled out a sealed Kitkat bar, licked the wrapper, then sniffed it and  I could’ve sworn he said ‘mommy, it’s crack!”. Before I could even explain to him that Crack is wack, he started chanting “pumpkin come! pumpkin come, pumpkin come!” so repeatedly and loudly that I started looking for the kid in the pumpkin costume across the street only to discover that he was talking to an actual pumpkin on the neighbour’s porch. Makes sense if you’re 3 years old and on chocolate.
  • I’m happy to report that 3 year old is ready to start dating. Older women. When a group of tweens in borderlinish costumes came by my son told a girl in a construction hat “construction workers are my favorites. I have construction tools in my room”. He later asked another girl in a cat mask whether she was a mad kitty. Either that or a bad kitty. I’d rather think it was the former. Anyways, that kid is going places. And I’m following him there, hiding behind the bushes, clasping a teen parenting prevention kit.
  • Some original trick or treaters costumes I liked: Agent Smith from the Matrix, Willy Wonka, a Photographer, a mime, an 80’s girl with butterfly wings.
  • Original costumes I didn’t like: Captain Underpants.
  • To sum up, Halloween is the equivalent of a big underground rave only for kids. And not underground.  And everyone is wearing costumes. But in both cases people get wack.

2 thoughts on “Post Halloween Halloween Post

  1. 3-year old never fails to make me giggle. What a stud. 😉

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