Learning about the Pioneers – Essay


November 21, 2012 by Katia

So we visited the Pioneer Village at Black Creek. There is a lot to be learned from the pioneers. None of that is reflected in this essay, nevertheless (essay word) here are a few valuable things we’ve learned as a family.

One of mommy’s biggest interests in life is eating, so before she was going to learn anything about the pioneers, she decided to learn about the local restaurant.

We want to learn more about what the pioneers ate.

One of 3 year old’s biggest interests in life is everything. Including this decorative piece. He wanted to learn more about it.

And more.

Oh, so that’s how it works.

And EEE-VEN (as he would say) more.

Last one, I promise.

After we learned that one should not threaten to eat fake berries off a decorative piece, we were finally off to learn more about other things the pioneers did. Like welding. The welder’s shop was a little creepy. But cool creepy.


The pioneers used horses and carriages as a means of transportation.

After his question was answered by an enthusiastic pioneer, 3 year old learned that this horse would probably not fit in a bus.

This is a carriage.

After that we went to the mill where we ran into a very nice couple (?) – two guys and a boy. 3 year old took care of the introductions: “Hi I’m 3 year old. This is my mommy and my daddy. My mommy’s name is Katia, my daddy’s name is E. They’re a little bit crazy, so call the police”. Thankfully they didn’t. Nor the sheriff. 3 year old sounded like a well oiled machine while introducing us, raising the suspicion that this wasn’t the first time we were introduced this way. Learned something? Check.

After we all uncomfortably laughed this off, us and gay (?) couple separately headed toward a pond, pretending that they don’t know we’re crazy. 3 year old called this pond a mystery.

A mystery is behind this fence.

Then we started invading pioneers’ residences. They were very hospitable and didn’t seem to mind at all that someone off the street just walked into their house and in some cases they even offered us refreshments. One of them asked 3 year old if he liked fruit cake. “YES!!!!” he lied through his teeth, I am not sure why, but we all got to taste a piece, it was delicious. I’ve learned that I like molasses.

So pinnable.

Then we were off to the Town Hall. On our way we saw this pioneer lady and 3 year old said ‘Mommy, she looks just like a vampire!’. He sounded excited.

Lookit mommy, a vampire!

At the town hall 36 year old resided over a meeting attended by 3 year old. I was taking photos and daydreaming of the Gilmore Girls. By the way, if anyone wants to buy me a great gift, you can buy me seasons 1-36 of Gilmore Girls. I believe you just learned something! But back to the meeting. 36 year old asked all in favour of purchasing more horses for the village to raise their hands. 3 year old supported the motion. When 36 year old asked if there were any more suggestions 3 year old yelled from his seat ‘Camping!’. This is what it looked like from the back:

All in favour.

And then he went camping while 36 year old charged ahead again as if we were being chased by Jesse James and the Sundance Kid.

3 year old’s understanding of what camping means.

Before we headed back 3 month old made an appearance as well. He wasn’t quite as taken with the pioneers as 36 year old or even as 3 year old. He was like ‘yeah, tevs’. By the way, tevs is the new whatevs. Who’s learning now?

Help!!! She is a little bit crazy!!!!

I took some more really nice photos, not including this one:

Nice photo.

Or this one:

Also nice.

But I did take this one:


And even this one:

Everyone’s a photographer!

and learned that 36 year old can take pretty decent photos. Before leaving I bought 3 kinds of specialty hot chocolate for 3 year old. When I made the Tiramisu one for him at home he asked if he could have the tasty one instead. Oh well.

To sum up (essay expression), we had a wonderful time at the pioneer village and moreover (ee) I can’t wait to come back for some more fruit cake.

And this is what I learned from our visit to the pioneers village.

5 thoughts on “Learning about the Pioneers – Essay

  1. Bilbo says:

    Wonderful writing.

  2. Katia says:

    Why thank you very much!

  3. diaperdiamonds says:

    so cute! I love your blog 🙂

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