The Emergence of a New Wardrobe Category – Where I lament about fashion


January 9, 2013 by Katia

The Realization: That moment when you have to admit to yourself that you are no longer the same you you’ve come to know and dislike. That moment when you’re cleaning out your closet and you pull out a top that clearly does not deserve to stay there but decide against getting rid of it. Instead you look at it and say to yourself ‘oh, what a perfect thing  for 4 Month Old to throw up on!’ and decide to keep it for that reason precisely. My life since 2007 has been leading up to this moment and it finally arrived last week, when I was examining this top.

Definitely a keeper.

Definitely a keeper.

That part where you question me and I get all defensive: Why was this part of my wardrobe to begin with? It’s a pregnancy top, OK?? And why is it spread on the floor like something out of a CSI set? Because in the words of 3 Year Old :I don’t WANNA wear AAAT! And how come I don’t wanna wear it if I’m so on board with keeping it? Because just because I wear something that welcomes spit up doesn’t mean I gave up completely, OK?? Confused? Me too.

The Protagonist as a Young Woman: Nothing forces you to stop pretending you hadn’t noticed (for the second time around) that your life did a complete 180° like the emergence of a spit up category in your wardrobe. Especially if you’ve somewhat obsessively collected Vogue magazines as a child. Especially if you have a Pinterest board called Stylish People and another one named Fashion Photography that Tells a Story. Nothing says ‘hey, wait a minute, this is not same old me!’ (and by old I mean young and childless) like having your fashion choices and decision making process dictated by puke and in a non metaphorical non ‘does this color on me makes you want to puke?’ way. Sic transit Gloria mundi.

Moments that Forshadowed the Emergence of the SUC (spit up category):

* January 2007. I immigrate to Canada armed with these snow and men repellers.

The beginning.

The beginning of the journey.

This marked the first time I had to make a fashion decision based on anything but aesthetics. This photograph is a post mortem. The sole fell off last December when we were celebrating the new year in Ottawa. I’m sure it’s symbolical of something.

* Spring 2009.  Two more significant firsts for me. The time I gave birth to 3 Year Old and shortly after the time I left the hospital wearing a pajama top, this pajama top, publicly. I recently wore the bottoms publicly (with a different top) and 36 Year Old, who is capable of wearing this

Yes, there are at least two people in the world that agree this should be worn. The person who made this and the one who wears this.

Yes, there are at least two people in the world that agree this should be worn. The person who made this and the one who wears it

asked me: really??? Yeah, really! Tribal is all the rage this year and besides I only use them as pj’s but they are actually Topshop tights. So there. Boom!

Spit up worthy ensemble.

This fashion Photography tells a story too.

Detail: I love Rock N Roll. Aha.

Detail: I love Rock N Roll. Aha.

* 2008-ongoing – corporate career where suits are a must.

* 2012 – new spit up.

Before I leave you with this food for thought I would like to correct a couple of misconceptions.

If I created the impression that spit up worthy clothing only comes in drab greys and browns that was not my intention. Here is a perfectly lively pastel for you.

More pj's. They make long johns for women, you guys.

More pj’s. They make long johns for women, you guys. In lavender.

SUC is not just for women.

The End.


9 thoughts on “The Emergence of a New Wardrobe Category – Where I lament about fashion

  1. Jen says:

    It was great to meet you tonight at the Blogelina party. Your writing is hysterically funny (as opposed to just hysterical)!

    • Katia says:

      Hi Jen, thank you so much for the kind feedback, it means so much (especially since I had major doubts about this particular post)! Great to meet you too. I look forward to checking out your blog!

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  3. moyermama says:

    My friend and I have embraced the “clean enough” standard. When we had newborns our standards slipped so so so low. Great post!

  4. […] whine about fashion here. I originally posted this a year ago back when my wardrobe included a Spit Up Friendly category. I am, clearly, somewhat of an authority when it comes to […]

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