14 Things my Husband said during the Grammys


February 11, 2013 by Katia

English: Adam Levine from Maroon 5 performs at...

Look everyone, it’s that guy, who’s got the moves like that other guy!  (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So the guy I married is more into WWII than pop culture. Whenever I want to practice my rights as a woman on mat leave and switch Netflix on, I am greeted with the face of Hitler, as part of the 10 shows Netflix thinks 36 Year Old would enjoy. Netflix is right. 36 Year Old would much rather watch Hitler than the Grammys. Last night he sat through the Grammys with me. Is Valentine’s day in the air or what? Here are his observations. My commentary is bolded. Who did you watch the Grammys with?

  1. Hey, it’s that guy. From The Office. (Me: No.) The British Office. That disgusting guy. (Me: No.) – Blake Shelton cheers for Kelly Clarkson. He is not very good with faces, names or body types.
  2. Hey, it’s that guy. The one that’s married to the Australian actress. The one I used to love. – Keith Urban presents an award. The pop culture neglect runs very deep, you guys.
  3. Me: I should get that haircut. 36 Year Old: You should get that dress. – Alicia Keys and Adam Levine perform. Who gets Adam Levine? 
  4. (Preview of what’s coming up comes on) These performances are pre-recorded. (Me: No.) Mom?
  5. Who is Bruno Mars?
  6. U2, Red Hot Chilly Peppers, Black Eyed Peas, Kylie Minogue, Snoop Dog. I haven’t seen any of them! (Me: is this a list of all the artists that you know?) Him (confidently): It’s the ones I know that are active! Without commentary.
  7. This guy was in the Hobbit – Someone with a beard cheering for someone. True story.
  8. It’s the guy from Doogie Houser! – Hunter Hayes, nominee for Best Country Album. No, but Neil Patrick Harris is there and we just had a long and fulfilling conversation about his life and career, in that particular order earlier, so this is even worse than I thought.
  9. Who is that? Isn’t it that actor who used to be married to Katy Perry? – Rihanna performs with Mikky Ekko. OK, we can’t entirely blame him for that one.
  10. I remember this one. Where do I remember her from? She was in a series. 90210? (I’m thinking, Brenda? OK, I can see that) She played a Jewish girl. –  Kat Dennings presents – Help, he’s gone retro.
  11. (Jack White clip comes on) It’s Johnny Depp! Are they also giving out awards for movies? I give up.
  12. (Lay’s commercial comes on) Oh look, it’s that actor! (Me: Martin Short) I love him, I think he’s so funny. Where did we see him? (Me: Damages). Oh look, it’s that Canadian actor, what’s his name? (Me: Martin Short). Oh, that’s him again? I thought it was that guy from Wayne’s World. I also give up.
  13. Bublé! – Justin Timberlake on stage but WOW, he knows Michael Bublé!
    Timberlake performing at St. Paul, Minnesota, ...

    Buble JT’ing it up last night (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  14. (He now knows that I’m writing down what he’s saying. Commercial break, Grammys return and I put the computer away and tell him to act natural.) But now I’ll be trying to come up with those things. That’s even worse. (Me: No).

18 thoughts on “14 Things my Husband said during the Grammys

  1. LOL number 11!! This is great. I love this 😀

  2. My husband’s the TOTAL opposite he’s born and raised HOLLYWOOD and he name dropps and talks about his elevator ride with blah blah blah… it’s the TOTAL opposite of this modest Iowa girl who would rather step on her tongue than drop a name EVER!! I can’t watch them with him anymore…!

  3. Jack Markish says:

    Хорошая идея – записывать сразу! Ты смешная очень!

  4. That was so funny! I smiles the whole way through. Sounds kind of like me and my husband watching last night, except we kept asking Siri on my phone to answer hos questions. What a fun post!

    • Katia says:

      I know, for me too! I almost don’t feel like I’ve contributed much to this post. It was basically written by 36 Year Old. Watching this with him was like being with someone who time-travelled from 90’s. 🙂

  5. I think #10 would have been Andrea. I think she was supposed to be Jewish. I also think it’s sad that I watched that show enough to remember that. I blame it all on wanting to be able to talk about “current events” when I was in jr. high!

  6. T. A. Woods says:

    He may be a little out-dated with his music (and movie) references, but at least he watches. The Mathemagician would say it’s a waste of time, and there sound be more robots. *rolling eyes*

  7. Cyndi says:

    Haha. Wonderful commentary! Loved reading this! Thank you also for stopping over at my blog today. 🙂

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