Hiking (In the Snow) While City Girl


March 11, 2013 by Katia

It happened to me yesterday. I hiked in the snow.

March 177

Body Language Expert: Notice how she doesn’t want to be here?

Well, technically I walked through a really long U shaped snow covered path in a park outside of the city. Well, it was in a smaller city, anyway. So basically I walked through a park in the city in the winter but there was a lot of snow, like A LOT. And a lot of mud and too much walking.

It all started when 36 Year Old suggested we go to this small town that we once visited in the fall. He was thinking hiking, I was thinking great little bistro. He had me at great little bistro so I said yes. The morning of our trip X-Files met Lost and somehow our 6-11 am vanished and we ended up getting there at 1 pm (can someone get David Duchovny on the rotary phone?) The bistro was packed and the owner suggested we come back tomorrow. The dark passenger emerged. A little anecdote about me: I am scary when I don’t eat. Also I’m very dramatic when things don’t go according to expectations. Also also I can’t just eat anything. For the sake of familial harmony we’ve decided to forget about everything else and feed the dark passenger, so we walked into this Thai diner.

With 7 Month Old entering the phase of self expression and actualization through a piercing “AAAAAAA” the deciding factor in choosing a restaurant should be the lack of other diners, which worked out really well with the Thai place.

Besides being empty the restaurant also offered a stuck CD as its musical background and 3 Year Old noted “I smell something yucky here. It’s a Louisa smell” (our beloved late dog). Shortly after sitting down I got up to take off 7 Month Old’s snow suit, at which point 3 Year shot out of his seat with great determination and surmised “Oh good, we’re leaving this place. This place is the baddest”. So we stayed for lunch.

How do you like my hike so far?

March 097

Facial Expression Expert: Notice how he doesn’t want to be here?

When the hunger issue was settled we set out for the hike. This is the sign that welcomed us.

Welcome. I'm on cahoots with the bistro.

Welcome. I’m in cahoots with the bistro.

So we stayed for a hike.

Armed with a cute hat, I braved the conditions. Here are some tips I collected on my way (should I maybe call this “journey”??) for other city girls. You’re welcome.

* Where there is snow and park there is also mud.

Boys will be muddy.

Boys will be muddy.

* Mud is just as slippery as ice but more dirty. Ewww.

* Boys will be muddy.

* Here’s an important one, listen up, ladies. Ducks don’t live in/on ice, so don’t use this one as a premise to lure 3 Year Old into partaking in this journey.

* Don’t forget 7 Month Old’s carrier.

Expert panel: notice how he doesn't care?

Expert panel: Notice how he doesn’t care?

* A cute hat can make you feel a lot better about a hike (see below and possibly above).

March 246

Expert Panel: These two look a lot more engaged now. It must be the hat. And the yoghurt. The little one still doesn’t care.

* Nature is very Tweetable.

Tweet tweet.

Tweet tweet.

Tweet tweet.

Tweet tweet.

* The best thing about hiking in the snow is that you will most likely not run into any bugs.

After that we drove back home and I curled into a fetal position.

The End


How did you spend your snowy/non-snowy weekend?

12 thoughts on “Hiking (In the Snow) While City Girl

  1. Jack Markish says:

    Красивые дети + милая мамаша + снег = не счастье ли это?

  2. Stephanie Sprenger says:

    Oh, that is too funny. I cracked up at the “body language” commentary. And the “Louisa smell.” Hey, you got some gorgeous photos out of the deal. Win, right? I would have joined you in the fetal position. I too am a bit of a bear when things don’t meet my expectations. Bad quality in a mom. 🙂

    • Katia says:

      😀 thanks so much, Stephanie, it ,means a lot coming from you! Yes, I had a great time over all, but I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of my idea for the post 😛 And yes, I agree, expectations be bad.

  3. Teresa says:

    When you’re young and plans change its an “adventure” – when you have kids in tow, it’s a nightmare! Love your sense of humor about it all, and especially love the great photos.

    Your story reminds me of a “hike” I saw my neighbor’s kid taking one warm spring day – the water was flowing in the gutter like a river and he was trudging through it in his snowsuit. It must have been sooo cold but he was has happy as a lark. Boys will be boys. . .

    • Katia says:

      Thank you, Teresa, I’m happy you enjoyed it 🙂 Yes, I particularly don’t enjoy it when lunch plans fall through but when it comes to my kids I’ve realized, expect the unexpected. Makes me less bitter 😛

      Love your neighbour child’s hiking story, so very cute.

  4. Barb Garber says:

    What a funny story. Boy can I identify. I got lost on a park hike in our small city.

  5. Abigail says:

    I too am a monster when I don’t get food. Feed me or suffer! The pictures did turn out beautifully though so at least there’s that, even if the rest wasn’t exactly part of your plan.

  6. […] Hiking in the Snow While City Girl […]

  7. Happy SITS Day! Maybe those pictures you tweeted can become postcards….

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