What’s Your Friendship Karma Like?


June 10, 2013 by Katia

Today I want to talk friendship karma to you and I have a post dedicated to my own kickass friendship karma. My post is featured on The HerStories Project website, which has been one of my favourites reads since its inception.

HerStories is a project initiated by two bloggers that I dare call friends, Stephanie at Mommy,For Real and Jessica at School of Smock. If you’re looking for new blogs to fall in love with, I highly recommend these two, but I digress. On their website, dedicated entirely to friendship among women and the effects of new motherhood on the relationships in our lives, Jessica and Stephanie   feature heartfelt essays alongside thought-provoking articles. I am so proud to collaborate with such smart and insightful writers and kind and empathetic women. 

Now if you’d like to be introduced to my ass kicking karma and to contemplate yours, please visit me at HerStories and comment. Thank you, friends!



4 thoughts on “What’s Your Friendship Karma Like?

  1. Jen says:

    great post! commented over there 🙂

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