7-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School For Having Wrong Hairstyle. My Frizz and I Go Into Hiding.


September 9, 2013 by Katia

How was your kid’s first week in school?

Last week my older son started attending Junior Kindergarten at the same school he’ll be going to in a couple of years. All week long I’d been asked the same standard parenty questions: How was your son’s first day at school? How did he like it? How did you feel? Welp. Wanna know how I really feel? After reading a couple of ‘return to school’ stories which circulated the interwebs last week, I feel like we, parents, should maybe consider updating the protocol of first-week-in-school-appropriate-questions to include: Did anyone crush your child’s dream yet? No? Well, how about their self esteem then?

This is the first paragraph of my MamaPop post this week. Being a parent is like being in a tribe. Somebody else’s kid gets hurt? You react. Intensely sometimes. You get hurt twice. Once for the child who was wronged and once for your own kid, because don’t tell me you haven’t try the scenario on on your child.

Did school crush your child’s dreams? Whether it did or didn’t please read about how it crushed two other tribe members’ kids’ dreams and comment.

4-year-old being disrespectful?

4-year-old being disrespectful?

17 thoughts on “7-Year-Old Girl Sent Home From School For Having Wrong Hairstyle. My Frizz and I Go Into Hiding.

  1. Great article – leaving my comment here in WordPress and also over there in Disqus.

    I just don’t understand how afro or dreads = unacceptable? How are they a fad hairstyle? They are the result of letting hair do it’s natural thing and have been around since the beginning of hair… It’s like telling someone with straight hair that they can’t grow it long!

    Oh, and the story about the dream crushing teacher… makes me nauseous to think this person is an educator.

  2. Elizabeth says:

    I honestly held my breath while reading about the poor little girl with the big pink bow. I am from that part of the United States and am embarrassed that racism still runs deep here. I guarantee that if the child was Caucasian with frizzy hair, not a word would have been said by school administration. It makes me drop my head in shame to even share the same region of the country with ignorant fools such as these. And by the way, you no longer need to feel like you don’t belong. You fit very well into the puzzle of our diverse blogging tribe. I’m thankful to count you as a friend.

  3. Quickstepp says:

    Ugh, come on world, get it together! Do we have nothing more serious to worry about than a child’s hair? And I’m not one to read racism into every little thing, but this is racist….clearly. All of the hairstyles mentioned are predominantly worn by African Americans.
    Enjoyed your article.

  4. Well done for highlighting these. I’ve read both of them in the past week, and they’re truly shocking. Such a shame to think that adults run roughshod over children’s precious, fragile senses of self with such abandon.

    Thanks for posting this.

  5. Dana says:

    Great post, Katia! It takes so little to raise a child up, but it takes so little to bring her down too.

  6. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    Our first week in school was good but the Bus!! GIRL!!! This bus didn’t pick up my daughter once! IT was SO STRESSFUL!

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