On the Hazards of Using “Do You Know Me”


October 28, 2013 by Katia

My post today on MamaPop is dedicated to self-entitlement and condescension, two of my hugest turn-offs. Sixteen year old Kylie Jenner recently pulled the celebrity card when being denied alcohol at a high end Beverly Hills hotel. Yes, go ahead read that sentence once again. It will still say the same thing.

Please stop by to scorn with yours truly.

18 thoughts on “On the Hazards of Using “Do You Know Me”

  1. I am thankful for the fact that you wrote this clever, witty and authentic post.
    Right there with you on the “don’t you know who I am” front. Personally I believe that if you feel the need to say it, you’re not worthy of the right to say it.

    • Katia says:

      Thank you so much, Kelly! And yes, precisely. If you have to say it then you’re not worthy of the right.

    • VintageInk says:

      I read that at least 5 times and felt the same level of derision, if not more, each time. And I totally agree with you on the- “if you feel the need to say it, you’re not worthy of the right to say it.”

  2. I did, actually, read that sentence for the second time, before you told me to. Then, I read it again. All three times, same meaning, would ya believe it?!
    Lol, #3, I mean so true, but still lol.
    She should actually read that post, some good advice, right there.
    I’m really entertained by your post, and grinning throughout it, but with a certain, what-did-we-let-the-world-become kinda tint to it.

  3. Great. Wonderful to see someone putting that phrase in it’s place. It really is one of the most pompous phrases in history, and generally used by people who have no reason to use it. My answer most of the time to that question would be, “Uh… no, not really.” But that may be because I am woefully unacquainted with pop culture.

  4. I feel bad for her. She’s just a kid, horrendously misguided and with a huge amount of smoke blown up her ass. Sixteen, and the middle of hormones and insecurities and self-image and the desperate attempt to be a Grown Up is no time to have to bear the brunt of making mistakes in the public eye, ready to be slated.

    I see so many posts about ‘Mommy wars’ and on the flipside, the general sick-and-tiredness of women ripping one another to shreds for their lifestyle choices and wishing that for once, womankind could be FOR one another, instead of all standing on their islands of self, pointing the finger and trying to cover their own indiscretions or faults with the other hand…

    It’s a well-written post, Katia, and I quite understand your sense of repugnance for the girl’s attitude, but come on over here, and let me suggest that you come back to the wonderful, magical place that is Our Land, where there’s room even (and perhaps especially) for those with a false sense of entitlement and really no clue what they’re doing, because they’re young and silly, and will one day know better.

    • Katia says:

      Very well said, my friend. Perhaps I’ve judged too harshly, I suppose that condescension and entitlement are just two qualities that bring out the worst in me. I cannot stand seeing people belittled even if it’s by a sixteen-year-old girl. Your kindness shines through this comment and I know I am capable of empathizing if I wanted to, it’s just that I don’t know if this is all just age and hormones or actually feeling that it’s OK to talk down to people when you have money.

      • It could be a mixture of both, and like you, the idea that anyone would hold an attitude towards others which views them as ‘less than’ because of their lack of money (I speak of one of the lacking…) is appalling.

        But she’s still a child, and needs guidance, not censure.

        This notwithstanding (coupled with the fact that she’ll (hopefully) never read this – or any one of the likely hundreds of other sources of backlash against her actions) it seems as though this ‘worst’ you found brought out in yourself found companions in the ‘worst’ of others’, and became something of a thing to revel in and enjoy.

        You’re a wonderful person, and you know I think that. Perhaps that’s why this took me by surprise. Thank you for the generosity of your response, rather than just biting my head off x

      • Katia says:

        I get what you’re saying. I’ve felt that way about articles making fun of Justin Bieber (or Amanda Bynes) and vouched that I would never write anything that goes against my values or humanity. It’s wrong to make fun of someone in a fragile state and I agree that that is what sets the kind people apart from the non-kind ones. I would never ever (ever!) make fun of someone I perceived to be vulnerable or fragile.

        The problem starts with what is your definition of vulnerable and I think that this is where we differ. To you no sixteen year old is fair game and I totally get it. To me self entitlement is a manifestation of unkindness which is a non-age-dependent trait. I don’t know if we’ll ever agree on this, but it definitely makes me feel bad that the post left a bad taste in your mouth. I will take age into consideration the next time I decide on a topic.

  5. Funny, we were struck by Kylie’s antics this week, too. Hope you can read our post about efforts to keep the Kardashians out of our household and vocabulary:

  6. Ack, I ran out of space to reply!

    It’s an iffy age, 16. It’s very close to the ‘old enough to take responsibility for it’ of 18, but still so close to the ‘really? are they to blame?’ of 14.

    Self-entitlement is a repugnant quality, and one I abhor, but I’d still say that the circumstances of that self-entitlement need to be taken into consideration. This is where I’m out of my depth, because I know nothing of this girl, apart from her name, and your description of her behaviour. It can certainly be a manifestation of unkindness, but equally of ignorance, or fear of opening one’s eyes to the simple facts around one. It is always selfish though.

    But I still think that, at this age, she needs discipline from sensible adults who are close to her and care for her, rather than public shaming and sanction.

    I know she’s not vulnerable in the way that some of them are. And I know that really, anyone in the public eye is unlikely to be vulnerable in some of the ways that ‘real people’ are.

    I guess I’m being a little starry-eyed in wishing that the circumstances of celebrity, profiteering, and the whole damn racket which turns young girls into these kinds of characters, leading to this kind of attitude on behalf of the baying public, and this sort of backlash, didn’t exist.

    I certainly don’t ever think that shaming and humiliation and pouring scorn are the way to go. As a person who has been on the receiving end of these for years (albeit in a very different situation) I can vouch for how damaging they can be.

  7. Aussa Lorens says:

    Bleh, I dislike myself a little more just for knowing who Kylie Jenner is. And I hear this phrase even as I encounter people in my day to day life– I want to be like “do you know who my fist is? Cause I’m about to introduce you.” You know, ’cause I’m street like that.

    • Katia says:

      Oh, you go girl!

      And yes, I know exactly what you mean by disliking yourself a little more for knowing those things. It gets even worse the older you get, cause you’re like “I’m a mom, for God’s sakes. How long before this is officially pathetic???”

  8. I have absolutely no idea who she is -never heard of her. I’ll get over it, and so will she…

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