Raising a Facebook, Twitter, EBay Generation with IRL Values


November 4, 2013 by Katia

The post I wrote today for MamaPop is dedicated to the holocaust memorabilia sale scandal on eBay and the lesson in it for Facebook should FB decide it wants to trouble itself with accepting the reality of its role as an influencer and shaper of a new generation’s mentality.



You can read the post and comment here.


13 thoughts on “Raising a Facebook, Twitter, EBay Generation with IRL Values

  1. it doesn’t matter, by the way if you do not mind, please follow me …. !

  2. As I grew up in Vancouver and am currently living within 20 minutes of it, the actions of Mr. Kempf hit close to home. And yes, there are MANY places here that would have been more than happy to accept his donation. The National Council of Jewish Women comes first to mind. Should they not want his offerings they would have at least steered him in the right direction. Thank you for this mind blowing, spot on post.

  3. findingninee says:

    Going now. A bit frightened… xo

  4. Great, great post.
    Kinda for shocking since I wasn’t aware of some of the scandals you write about, but very enlightening.
    I do think though that it’s a problem in general, not only with FB, but the internet, how do you decide what should be allowed to be posted and what stopped and how.
    It’s not that I think those FB pages with beheadings or that girl dressed up as, I can’t even type it, are OK, I just think it’s a broader problem than the actual FB site.

    • Katia says:

      Thank you so much, Catherine! I completely agree with you that the problem is much broader than just Facebook.
      I do think, though, that FB sends a loud and clear “Meh…” message – by not removing content like that fast enough and letting it live there and be debated. Unfortunately (in this case) young people are capable of reading between the lines and that message rubs off.

      • Fair enough. Especially since it prides itself in being a SOCIAL site, not google. It should react, absolutely. But I just think people DONT CARE. Especially since they can say: it wasn’t us, it was the user. They can hide behind that.
        I love your articles tho, such different topics!

  5. […] The post I wrote today for MamaPop is dedicated to the holocaust memorabilia sale scandal on eBay and the lesson in it for Facebook should FB decide it wants to trouble itself with accepting the reality of its role as an influencer and shaper of a…  […]

  6. Unfortunately try as I may I was not able to pull up the link. I don’t think it is an issue with the link (clearly not since others have accessed it fine) but something you mentioned made me think of a Ted Talk I recently listened to on Youtube. The title of your post talks about IRL values. I completely understand the point you are trying to make but also think you might find this talk of interest. Alexandra Samuel talks about how we try so hard to keep our ‘online life’ separate from our ‘real life’ but in doing so we may actually be devaluing what we do online (the way we talk to and interact with others) by keeping the internet ‘virtual’ that the idea of IRL actually makes the internet less personal and thereby making it ‘not count’.

    I know it’s slightly off topic and that it might not resonate with you but I thought it was interesting and that I would share.


    • Katia says:

      I am grateful for your thoughtful comment and for you sharing the link here and continuing the discussion. I promise to watch the lecture but I completely agree with your comment. This is what my article was actually (partially) about. How the virtual space and the lack of values, scratch that – the blatant defiance against IRL morals that some websites (ahemfacebookahem) show rubs off on kids and defines their IRL actions, so the piece was very much about the intermingling of the two.

      The reason you can’t see the post is that MamaPop has sadly closed down last week after seven years of existence which still saddens me deeply. That said, the editors encouraged the writers to repost their articles on their own blogs and I am strongly considering reposting this tomorrow under Finish the Sentence Friday.

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