Ten Things of Thankful – II


February 22, 2014 by Katia

There’s some gratefulness that’s been brewing in me for a while and this morning’s Twitter prompt from my friend Lizzi gave it a form.

This photograph represents a few things I never thought would happen:


I never thought I’d read The Power by Rhonda Byrne to begin with. I mean if so many people think it’s good then it must be crap, right? When I started reading the book which was gifted to me, I never thought I’d get inspired enough to overcome one of my childhood’s most sacred thou shall not’s and give the book dog ears, because I HAD to be able to come back to these specific pages and reread them.

The book speaks of the Law of Attraction which I’ve been trying to practice in sporadic frenzies whenever the need arises. In very basic terms the law of attraction is the belief that by thinking positive you will attract positive and vice versa. According to Byrne gratefulness is the greatest multiplier of good in life.

Two weeks ago I watched this inspiring vlog by my very talented writer friend, Sarah, at Left Brain Buddha. In this post she walks the viewer through her own private vision board. One of many thing that struck me had to do with incorporation of the Huffington Post logo onto the board. Sarah wanted to write for them and submitted some of her posts. The online publication got back to her a few days after she added their logo to her vision board. That to me was a classical manifestation of the ways of the law of attraction.

It made me think of the history lesson I gave Four Year Old. We talked about the Lascaux cave paintings and the book presented a theory according to which the famous animal representations were a form of magic, whereby the ancients were depicting their prey in order to summon it. Were they among the first ones to understand and practice the law of attraction then?


Sarah’s post made me want to redo my own vision board. Among the things you’ll find on it is an image of a pair of mittens. These mittens represent freedom of choice, respect and self reliance. They’re a reminder for me to practice these values with my kids. Why? You’ll just have to read this one of a kind post by another very talented friend of mine, Jane, at Nothing by the Book.

So I’ve been in a grateful mood. Mostly. More than usual, anyway. Completely overwhelmed, sleep-deprived much, but grateful. Because of:

1. These posts.

2. 18 Month Old’s whisper this morning. He was repeating “Baba, baba!” as we approached a meaningful location in the house, the kitchen with its stairs leading down to the basement where his babooshka (my mom) lived two weeks ago when she visited us.

3. The teenage boy who startled me when he approached from behind as I was pushing 18 Month Old’s stroller through this, in a rush to pick up Four Year Old, with the words “here, I’ll get it” pushing a giant trash can out of my way.


4. Cheese. The cheese and wine evening a few weeks ago at my friend Cheryl’s house reignited the love of cheese in me. This one tastes like apple pie she told me, and it does.


5. Four Year Old’s soul and the way it repeatedly melts and squeezes mine. This week as he watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids he became extremely emotionally invested in the battle between the shrunken kids, the movie protagonists, and a giant scorpion, attacking them. The scorpion was chased away. Four Year Old burst into tears lamenting the scorpion’s imminent (in his opinion) fate of being eaten by a whale. His ability to empathize with all fills me with both pride and concern.

6. 18 Month Old’s mantra to put himself back to sleep at night being “mama, mama, mama”.

7. The conversation that started with a “Mama, I have no more friends in my class” spoken from the depths of underneath the blanket, continued with a heart to heart where I explained that the fact his friend has another friend now doesn’t mean he doesn’t like HIM anymore, and that when I was a little girl I had two girlfriends and there was enough room in my heart for both, and him telling me that his friend has no room for him in his heart and in fact he took out Four Year Old’s picture and removed it from his heart – that conversation ended with a random mention of playing Invisible Evil Diaper with a Knife with both said friends the same day.

8. That the six week Robotics after hours project that Thirty Seven Year Old was involved in is over and even the fact that I posted this last Saturday eve on Facebook with the status:

So, uhm, we're testing robots. How is your Saturday eve?

So, uhm, we’re testing robots. How is your Saturday eve?

9. The surprise impromptu sushi pizza dinner last night courtesy of Thirty Seven Year Old. 

10. This face. This is the face of a man who was a concentration camp prisoner during WWII. Look at his facial expression. His name is Victor Frankl and I’m reading his fascinating book Man’s Search for Meaning right now.


What are you grateful for right now?

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39 thoughts on “Ten Things of Thankful – II

  1. bethteliho says:

    Great list, Katia! I’ve heard of that book and haven’t read it for the same reason you didn’t – BUT, now I’m super intrigued! I have a vision board, too. It’s a group of cork boards; one side is filled with things I’ve done in the past that I’m proud of. The right half is purely motivation, goals, positive vision, inspiration, etc.

    • Katia says:

      Oh, I have my reservations about it for sure, Beth, but I think it’s because I went in expecting so little that I got so much (isn’t that always the case?). The first part of the book is really slogany and doesn’t provide any actual tools. It’s just full of fluff but I really liked it when it went more concrete. I’d be curious to see what you thought of it.

  2. Nina Badzin says:

    That IS a great list. Now what does it say that I’ve never heard of that book?

    It’s always great to force a little positive focus. I really have to focus on it these days during this WORST WINTER EVER.

    • Katia says:

      You’ve probably heard of The Secret. This is its little brother 🙂 Or maybe you’re just too intelligent. Seriously, this is like mass pop culture.

  3. Love the list! Hearing mama is so precious. I’m thankful I spent some quality time w/ my husband & my 20 month old today.

  4. Lizzi R says:

    Katia, your 4 year-old has so much YOU about hi, So many wonderfulbeautiful echoes. I love that you share about him so readily, and his sweet, darling person and his amazing soul are constantly a source of encouragement, enlightenment and enjoyment to me. I hope that’s not weird. I adore him and his thoughts and his view of the world.

    And you and yours, natch.

    I’m still leery about books and theories which promote ‘positivity attracting positivity’ but I shall be interested to see whether you think it works. I wonder whether it’s just focus and effort, but I still think there are things which all the positive thinking in the world won’t fix.

    • Katia says:

      No, not the least bit weird. I know that other deep feelers and thinkers, such as yourself, can connect to him. I am touched, actually.

      I agree about the point you make re positive thinking not fixing everything in the world. I did feel critical toward these parts of the book. Some specific cases came to mind, like my friend who battled cancer with genuine positivity, which was an integral part of him and still lost. In general I don’t think there are any 100% true life rules that always work. I did not like the parts of the book which felt a bit too propaganda, slogany or plain naive like battling life threatening disease with positivity, but I could still see the principle behind these statements and agree with it, if that makes sense. I will definitely report back 🙂

      Enjoyed doing this!

      • Lizzi R says:

        Okay good. I’m glad it’s not weird 😀 He has a beautiful soul and I love hearing his thoughts.

        I look forward to hearing your review of this book. Too many things are badly broken to make them fixable by a positive attitude, and yet, the positive attitude (I would argue) can make them easier to bear, or easier to manage within the context of those around us and the support we receive.

        Glad you enjoyed it 😀

      • Katia says:

        Perfectly put. I do believe there are certain things you can attract (and if I made it sound like I’m implying it’s by magic, I didn’t mean that) and some that you can’t but a positive attitude and a supportive environment are definitely a required infrastructure to build on.

  5. Cyndy Bush says:

    So sweet, makes me want to shrink MY kids back to little ones for a little while.
    There is cheese on this earth that tastes like apple pie??? I need to find this!

    • Katia says:

      YES! It’s called Appledore and I should have totally mentioned it. If you try it let me know what you think. I have a few more recommendations of some newly discovered cheeses 🙂

  6. Your list is gorgeous and so uplifting. Sleep deprivation’s a constant presence for me as well (I wrote about it this week in fact) and I find it to be more critical than ever to find the joy wherever and whenever I can.

    Thank you for your lovely gratitude, words and parenting gems. Always a pleasure to read your blog.

    • Katia says:

      Oh thank you, this means so much to me. I was just documenting something that was personally meaningful and realizing that it was meaningful and uplifting for someone else is amazing. Thank you!

      Sleep deprivation is so hard, especially since I’m experiencing it with my older son, who I feel like should have already passed that stage, but oh well. Deliberately focusing on the good does have a curing quality to it 🙂

  7. The law of attraction always makes sense. It sounds like a purpose filled week!

  8. […] There's some gratefulness that's been brewing in me for a while and this morning's Twitter prompt from my friend Lizzi gave it a form. #TToT 36 Where did all the words go? Got yours? BRING THEM! @c…  […]

  9. Sandy Ramsey says:

    I very often stay away from those types of books for the same exact reason you mentioned. However, if you are recommending this one, I may have to step outside my skeptical box and give it a read. I LOVED Sarah’s board and actually have it on my ‘to-do’ list. I really love the idea.

    • Katia says:

      The book is still very slogan-y and propaganda-y, Sandy, but it was the kind of content I needed to read at the time. There was a lot of weeding through it that I needed to do, some parts I remained totally skeptical about, but by and large I agree with many of the principles it discusses and would love to make them a stronger presence in my life.

  10. Dana says:

    I rarely read nonfiction, but I’d like to expand my horizons. I just put Frankl’s book in my Amazon cart – I vaguely remember studying him in college. So glad to read your thankful list this week – it made me feel thankful, too.

    • Katia says:

      I enjoy fiction more than non fiction as well. Blogging and its derivatives have taken up so much of my time that I rarely read anymore and that is something I’d like to change. Especially seeing that my children will model my behaviours. I’ve recently started deliberately staying off the computer during Four Year Old’s pre bedtime spent with his dad. Even though I am sometimes not part of the game I still would prefer for him to see me with a book than glued to my laptop. It’s hard but I’m trying to keep that up. Amazing that you put Frankl on your list. I think it was required highschool reading for us as well, but somehow I never did read it until now.

  11. Candid Mama says:

    So many things to be thankful for. I really need to start being more positive. It is hard to focus on positivity while being so tired, stressed, and overwhelmed, but I am not liking the negative person that I am becoming. Perhaps it is time for a change.

    • Katia says:

      I am not by any means a positive thinker myself. It is definitely a lot more challenging to not succumb to a bad mood and you’re right it’s so easy to do so when you’re sleep deprived and overwhelmed by new parenthood and stressed out by work! That’s why I’ve been trying to read more books like that recently despite my natural aversion, to keep this positive momentum going, even if somewhat artificially. It ends up working. Feel free to email me for encouragement 🙂 Meaning, I’ll do my best to encourage you.

  12. Joy Christi says:

    Ooooh, polite teenagers, chanting babies, books, cheese, AND sushi pizza? This post wins the internet today! There’s no cash or trophy for that, but no one can take your pride away from you.
    I’ve never heard of sushi pizza, but I’m going to have a chat with Google about that and try to make it happen.

    • Katia says:

      Your comment wins comments and my heart today. I know, so much goodness, right? Especially sushi pizza.

      To make sushi pizza happen, you speak to a Japanese restaurant and add the word “salmon” in front of “sushi pizza”. If you end up liking it I’ll take pride in forever being directly associated with it in whenever you think about it from now on… 😛

  13. This post was the first thing that has ever inspired me, even in a tiny little way, to do a vision board. You gots talent, girl. And your post from the other day about the resume was fucking hilarious and brilliant. I may link to it in a post I have brewing.

    • Katia says:

      As a fellow Pinterest purgatory dweller I get that being inspired to do something like this is no matter to be taken lightheartedly. I felt the same way being inspired by Sarah’s post to do mine. Also love that you loved my resume. I thought it was kinda funny. Had a few spelling errors and typos in the end but it was a scanned document, oh well.

  14. christine says:

    Isn’t it wonderful to find a book which makes you break the no dog-ears rule?
    I have never read about the Law of Attraction. Just heard it referenced in other things. I’m of the mind that thinking positively doesn’t exactly attract more positive things, but makes us more open to seeing the positive that is always around us. Same goes for the negative thinking.

    Glad you decided to join us this week!

  15. I enjoyed your Post this week. (sometimes, I find that starting a Comment can be more difficult than writing a Comment, and so the adult version of our old standard term paper opener,
    ‘the purpose of this paper is to…’
    the science of the non-scientific is never not interesting to me, the Laws of Attraction included. FInding ways to express these principles is, to me, half the battle, because there is no (direct) teaching of such matters, we all go out and find what is most workable (and efficacious) for our own selfs. (I can’t resist the Doctrine inference implied by your reading matter and 37 year old’s projects, we might tend towards a clark and roger being inferred, which is part of the never-ending fun of people and lives and such.)

    hey! did you hear? italics everyone loves ’em and now we got them (for use in Comments, that is.) It’s funny, the solution, now found makes it clear that it was there all along, it’s just a question of being ready of the answer.

    • Katia says:

      I think your observation on a Clark and a Roger trying to make their non-meshable robotics and laws of attraction coexist is spot on. Thank you, sage friend!

  16. Sarah says:

    I love that line about your resistance to a book that everyone was loving. I have that feeling so frequently. Everyone loves it? Stay away, stay away!
    I do want to read Viktor Frankl someday. I don’t know much about him, just some basics…and quotes. But, come on, you gotta be intrigued. My sister met his widow in Austria several years ago. I look forward to reading your thoughts.

  17. Sarah says:

    So glad my board inspired you … I still love my board and what it reminds me to do. Still not quite sure about the law of attraction, but in a Pascal’s-Wager sort of way, i’m willing to go along with it! And I just finished Man’s Search for Meaning. I can’t believe I hadn’t read it until now.

  18. findingninee says:

    Ok I obviously live under a rock because I’ve never even heard of that book but, like you, I’d likely have avoided it due to it being popular. I love the conversation you had with four year old about friendship. Beautiful, and heartbreaking too. What an amazingly awesome little guy you’re raising, Katia. He blows me away!

    • Katia says:

      I know. He is so sensitive and that makes me worry about him so much. I see too much of myself in him. Parts of me that I wish he wouldn’t inherit, like self doubt. It warms my heart to read your kind thoughts about him and to know that you understand what I feel and what he feels. ❤ ❤ ❤

  19. Aussa Lorens says:

    A friend of mine was reading that book when I returned from China a few years ago and it sounded fascinating. I ought to see if the library has it except I think I owe them like $40 so I’m better off just Amazon-ing it.

    • Katia says:

      Which one The Power? I’d buy it, because it’s a self help genre book (I guess) so if you end up buying the theory presented in it you’d probably want to go back to the book to do some happiness maintenance…

  20. I am a HUGE believer in self-fulfilling prophecy and the power of positive thinking and that a happy heart is good medicine, and I practiced these when I was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago. I truly believe they helped me get through it and have the best experience with it all I could hope to have.

    Your friendship explanation to your 4 year old was just perfect.

    And the 37 year old is delightfully nerdy, isn’t he?

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