On Raising Your Kids as an Outsider


May 30, 2014 by Katia

Hello gang (I know, I just felt like saying “hello, gang”),

I wrote a serious post and it’s on Tipsy Lit today as part of their week-long initiative of featuring some selected family and parenting blogs.

Tipsy Lit is cool.

If you’re interested in my musings about raising my sons as an outsider and in making me look not lame, please visit Tipsy Lit and read my post. I will plant a lavender for you if you do it.

The shortless construction worker in the neighbour's yard totally thought I was pretending to photograph the lavender. FYI.

The shortless construction worker in the neighbour’s yard totally thought I was pretending to photograph the lavender. FYI.

The End.

4 thoughts on “On Raising Your Kids as an Outsider

  1. lrconsiderer says:

    *attempts complicated gang sign ‘hello’ and fails*

    *runs to Tipsy Lit before anyone notices*

  2. I read it and loved it. I am incredibly impressed with your savy with the English language given as you say that your first language is Russian. I’m intrigued by your dilemma as an immigrant mom. I think this will resonate with a lot of Americans so I’m very glad you wrote it in English. My most recent immigrant to America was German. Though he came before WWI and never spoke it to his children or his German immigrant wife. His children who lived through WWII, to my knowledge, never tried to understand their German roots. Not surprisingly a lot of German in America was buried at that time. I miss it- the unwritten, untold stories. The genes carry on, but the culture presents in us as oddities or issues I can’t unravel. The Irish side of my family which came earlier, but which we greater identify hasn’t carried on much more than Irish American cliches so I get hungry for these stories of people’s struggles.As if you couldn’t tell you struck a cord for me… I’ve gotten quite chatty. I’m sending the link to the Tipsy Lit article to an immigrant friend who is having trouble adjusting.

  3. Ericka Clay says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for writing for us!

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