Summer’s Sanity Saboteurs


July 29, 2015 by Katia

6 Things That Will Drive Moms Crazy This Summer 

Fun anecdote: last year my preschooler and I spent the entire summer together. I’m talking no summer camps, no family vacations, no alternative parental or sibling figures just the two of us. Building grudges in the sun. By the end of the summer vacation my five-year-old suggested conscious uncoupling.

You know what they say, insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over again and expecting different results. Well, I may not have slept in 6 years, but I am definitely not without my moments of sanity. This year I’ve decided to be proactive and signed up my now six year-old  for three weeks of summer camp. As summer progresses I am reminded, however, of the other menaces lurking around the corner.

Here’s a list of some of summer’s top parental sanity saboteurs.

Summer's Sanity

Yard Sales

One sunny morning the nice retired couple across the street will wake up and decide that the weather is beautiful and why should they be the only ones to enjoy it when they’ve got all that crap from the 70s that they could slap $.25 stickers on and air out on their front lawn.  You try to maneuver your six and three year-olds out of the way before they notice the garden gnomes but before you can say “holy mother of Austin Powers!” they’re all over them. Soon enough they’ll discover the china cat collection and free rescue  pile of Charlie Brown comic books and before you know it you’ll find yourself going: yes, please! I was looking to invest in some new clutter!

Flip flops

They put the flip and the flop in flip flops. It’ll get warm. Your children will want to turn on the sprinklers yata yata Polysporin and band aids.


Pros: sprinklers are awesome and kids can spend hours playing with them on hot summer days.

Cons: other people’s kids think so too. I hope you enjoy babysitting your neighborhood for free.

Lemonade stands

Another experience-based fun anecdote: five-year-old boys may have the passion required to operate a lemonade stand for the first five minutes. The end.


There’s a reason we wait until they turn sixteen and even then keep the sidewalks off limits.


Dear backyard ants, there’s a new Dexter in town (that’s a lie, there’s actually two of them). They will tell you that they do this only because they once got stung by an ant but as their mother you know that they actually weren’t and that they’re just making it up because their dark passenger just took over. The murder of ants is morally wrong and more importantly totally gross. How do we impress this upon our kids?

Summer Stickiness

Don’t get me wrong I like a good alliteration as much as the next person but as the mother of two little boys I wonder is it really wise to add Freezie and Popsicle stickiness to an already naturally sticky season (and gender)?

I look forward to spending the rest of the summer together with my kids and their summer camps. Maybe building castles in the sky is not such a bad idea. Sounds less sticky.


This month’s Netflix Stream Team post is on the topic of adventure.Everything described above could evolve into an adventure. Heck, when you’re a child, all it takes to start an adventure sometimes is a box.


Some of the adventures my kids will be keeping track of this summer are those of the dragon trainers on Dragons: Race to the Edge, but we are always looking for recommendations. What are your kids favourite adventure shows on Netflix?


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8 thoughts on “Summer’s Sanity Saboteurs

  1. larva225 says:

    My kids are younger, so I’m stuck with more of the Curious George/Octonauts/ Special Agent Oso nightmares. But my favorite new Netflix-related hobby is to threaten my daughter to turn on the Property Brothers if she shows her butt. Who knew HGTV could be so terrifying?

  2. My two older kids who are 6 years old and almost 2 years old actually love Arthur and Choo Choo Bob Show which airs on basic TV channel qubo. Would have to say Choo Choo Bob wins over all else. 🙂

  3. Hilarious! Mother of 4&5 five year old boys and a 1 month old girl and this post is pretty much my life this summer lol

  4. you’ve made me excited for fall lol

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