“Which TV Character Would You Trust Least to Babysit” and Other Questions To Contemplate on a Family Night In


February 26, 2016 by Katia

*** Dear readers, I hate spamming you. My apologies for the double post. It only took me an hour, but I solved the glitch I had. Wipes brow. Calls Mensa***

Ah, February. The month of love and family. Love and family means home. Home is where your sofa is. Which leads me to Netflix.

I’ve got a game for you that combines all three: home, family, Netflix. You can play it with your partner after the kids had gone to bed (get your mind out of the gutter). The game is based on a post which surfaced a couple of weeks ago on Facebook.

I have no idea how this post ended up in my feed, as I don’t subscribe to Geek Magazine, OBVI (although there is nothing wrong with it, and I may or may not be married to a Software Developer myself). Either way I think we can all agree that this is what you call a “thought-provoking post”.

Consider that your first question. Then move on to the other brainteasers I’ve created for you. My own answers are listed at the bottom.


  1. Which TV character would you trust the least to babysit your children?
  2. Your spouse is obviously THE best partner and you’re one lucky gal/boy. In a parallel universe, where your relationship doesn’t exist, which TV character would you be married to?
  3. Which TV character would be your bestie in real life?
  4. Which TV character would you want to travel with around the world?
  5. Which TV character would you hire as your lawyer if you got in trouble?
  6. Which would be the worst TV show to wake up one morning and find yourself stuck in (avoiding the obvious – The Walking Dead and the likes)?
  7. If violence wasn’t a no-no which TV character would you most enjoy punching in the face?
  8. Who would you want to switch wardrobes with?
  9. Which show has the best opening theme?
  10. Which show has the most annoying opening theme?
  11. (optional) Which character’s hair do you crave?
  12. Which shows should never have been discontinued and need a new season STAT?!
  13. Which shows should be on Netflix but currently aren’t?
  14. (Tread lightly) Which TV character reminds you of yourself? Which one reminds you of your partner?

Ready to play? I look forward to hearing what some of your answers were!


This post was a Netflix Stream Team post on the topic of Family Night In. I look forward to you sharing some of yours!

As promised here are my answers:

  1. The crew from The Walking Dead.
  2. It’s a toss up between Walt White (Breaking Bad) and Mindy Lahiri (The Mindy Project).
  3. I’ll refer you to this document.
  4. OMG, Lorelei Gilmore!
  5. I don’t like this question.
  6. Harvey. OBVS. Did I ever show you this?
That day I left work and ran into Harvey and Mike (Suits).

That day I left work and ran into Harvey and Mike (Suits).

  1. Lost. Shudder.
  2. I’m sure there has to be someone. What’s wrong with me???
  3. No brainer, Blair from Gossip Girl.
  4. I’t s a toss up between Mad Men, Paw Patrol and Pretty Little Liars.
  5. Yo Gabba Gabba.
  6. Serena from Gossip Girl.
  7. I may have engineered this entire question around a meme which I may have engineered around a show which is “Lie to Me”.
  1. The Americans, The Affair, Love Boat.
  2. ______

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3 thoughts on ““Which TV Character Would You Trust Least to Babysit” and Other Questions To Contemplate on a Family Night In

  1. 2. joey from Friends
    3. Damon from Vampire Diaries

    I tend to have very simple taste in TV shows. Lol! I love this post! These would be fun party questions.

    • Katia says:

      HAAAA! I never even thought of Joey, that’s hilarious! And, yes, I agree he would’ve been a terrible babysitter.

      I should really watch Vampire Diaries, shouldn’t I?

      • I just got done with a Friends marathon, so Joey instantly came to mind. Vampire Diaries is definitely a guilty pleasure of mine. I am notorious for my love of bad TV though. Lol!

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