40 Objects Moms Serve as


September 12, 2016 by Katia


  1. Food
  2. Soother
  3. Thermometer
  4. White noise machine
  5. Educational developmental toy
  6. Carrier
  7. Vomit receptacle
  8. Bridge
  9. Mattress
  10. Pillow
  11. Alarm clock
  12. Garbage bin
  13. Blackboard
  14. Sticker album
  15. Ladder
  16. Stop watch
  17. Megaphone
  18. Floatation device
  19. Punching bag
  20. Audio book
  21. Napkin
  22. Kleenex
  23. Calculator
  24. Referee whistle
  25. Hiding spot
  26. Comfort object
  27. Tweezers
  28. Vision board
  29. Mirror
  30. Cooling wind
  31. Sedative
  32. Red cloth
  33. Brakes
  34. Eight ball
  35. Dictionary
  36. Metal detector
  37. Binoculars
  38. Swing
  39. Parental control device and internet filter
  40. Google calendar


Okay, what did I forget?



5 thoughts on “40 Objects Moms Serve as

  1. Haha so true!! Great list!

  2. I think you’ve got it covered, except I’m shocked how low on the list vomit receptacle was. πŸ™‚ (Written while serving as pillow.)

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