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  1. Scarred


    June 4, 2017 by Katia

    Once when I was eight or nine years old a hand grenade was thrown on the bus that I was …
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  2. Your Brain on Terror


    March 23, 2016 by Katia

    “What’s wrong?” “No, but really, what’s wrong?” “Are you sure that nothing’s wrong?” my mom and the world leading expert …
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  3. BlogHer VOTY 2013


    July 3, 2013 by Katia

    Disclaimer: I thought long and hard if I should post this and if so is there any possible way of …
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  4. I Thought I Was so Cool When – Finish the Sentence Friday


    April 18, 2013 by Katia

    I thought I was so cool when I posted the tweet about the aging widow, the Dutch lottery, Madoff and …
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