Reasons I’m Binge-Watching The Office on Netflix


October 12, 2016 by Katia

    1. Michael Scott is me – I’m never as quick and efficient as when I need to do something totally useless. Remember when that “me in three fictional characters” meme was circulating a few weeks ago? I was all ready to go. Sitting on three downloaded images saved on my iPad, plotting to arrange them into a nice layout I picked on a graphic design program to make that shit look professional. I chickened out in the last minute. I didn’t want to put it out there in front of over 900 people on my Facebook page that I identify with Michael Scott, so I decided to come out to my blog readers instead (check out my readership stats to see why it makes no sense). To be clear there’s one aspect of Michael’s character that I painfully identify with and it’s not the wildly inappropriate non politically correct side. It’s actually his very human and almost touching desire to belong. To be part of. To be accepted and validated. Steve Carell’s portrayal is warm and brilliant and reminds me how much I enjoy good acting and sends me down memory lane meets nostalgia avenue to evenings at home as a child with my family where talent was at the same time revered as one of the highest values and brought up casually in conversation. You asked.tumblr_mmvi1e7zhy1rynk4uo1_5001
    2. Steve Carell – for unknown reasons that predate my current The Office binge, Steve Carell became a “go to” and a mini staple in my existence. Back when I was a full time working mom to one child, I took a few days off to fly to Europe and meet my mom who was still living in Israel at the time. On the flight I watched Date Night (also available on Netflix) with Steve Carell and Tina Fey and I couldn’t stop laughing. I don’t remember the exact details of the opening scene but it goes something like this: Carell’s character, a dad, is woken up by a toddler stomping on his head at 4:35am, minutes before the alarm clock rings at 5am. In a nutshell: this was relatable. My life is full of moments when a toy is launched against my unsuspecting forehead, someone jumps out of the curtains naked and everything is wrapped in a helluva lot of physiology my mind inevitably wanders to Steve Carell. We’re in this together, buddy, I’m sure he’d say. He’s such a great guy to hang out with.
    3. Dwight K. Schrute – FACT: in literature well-rounded characters are two-dimensional and uncomplicated. Nothing about them surprises you. FACT: rounded characters in literature are complex and prone to change and development. Dwight K. Schrute sits somewhere in between. There are lots of surprising facts about him but they somehow make perfect sense and mesh with his character. I’ll admit that since I’ve started watching the show I’ve followed Rainn Wilson on Instagram and his memoir “The Bassoon King” is on my Goodreads “To Read” list (and it’s only partially because the forward to the book was written by Dwight Schrute). Why do I feel the need to “admit” that instead of just tell you? I have no idea.

    4. It’s funny because it’s real – office life is another form of life and another way of experiencing it. Office life makes watching a giant ball on a screen saver bounce around during a really boring board meeting and holding your breath in anticipation for it to hit a corner an entirely plausible scenario. The Office is extremely relatable and funny in that it perfectly captures the little things that make office life what it is.
    5. The cast and writers: the way that Creed behaves in every situation is exactly the way you would expect Creed to behave in that given situation not because it’s predictable, but because it’s in line with his persona. That’s good writing. When Pam’s defiantly throws up in her garbage bin, provoking a throw up tsunami around the office, Creed indifferently watches from his chair where he continues to eat noodles from a container. During Pam and Jim’s wedding episode (sorry, I’m assuming there are no spoilers when it comes to older shows) every character dances exactly the way you would expect them to, Ryan is self conscious and preoccupied with what his movements look like, Phyllis is boringly flirty.

    6. No real spoilers in older shows – I can watch without getting too emotionally invested and panicky about the outcome.
    7. 9 seasons. Just saying.
    8. Toby.

6 thoughts on “Reasons I’m Binge-Watching The Office on Netflix

  1. Aub says:

    It never gets old! 😂

  2. gena says:

    How interesting because I am currently binge watching The Office too. My 13 yo just discovered it and so he is binging as well.

    • Katia says:

      That’s awesome! I can’t wait to share shows like that with my kids. I had a fleeting thought yesterday about how my seven year old would enjoy the humour and then I had to quickly remind myself that there is way too much inappropriateness there for him. 😀

  3. larva225 says:

    The UK version ruined the US version several years ahead of time. It was so weird and wonderful and funny that I just couldn’t…..

    • Katia says:

      I’m going to share a secret and I hope I don’t get stoned (as in have stones thrown at me, not the other kind). I don’t love Ricky Gervais… I had the same conversation with my bestie back home where she was telling me how much she loved the UK version and how she couldn’t stand the US one. She couldn’t relate to my deep conviction that Steve Carell and I could totally hang out. She thought it was funny. I wasn’t trying to be. 😛

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